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Q: How long will they last?  

 A:  The PerfectFit Pointe Shoe Inserts should last much longer than a typical toe pad since they are not a “padding” solution.  It depends on how much you dance, but typically they last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year for a dancer (or longer).  The molded material is very durable, and will not compress or pack down over time (as lambswool or foam does).  It is much more likely that you will need to get a new pair of inserts when you change shoe size or style (since they are custom-fit to a specific shoe and foot) before you need to replace them due to wear and tear.  We have also added extra reinforcement in the toe socks around the big toe area to further increase durability in this region. 

Q:  Can you ship to my country?   

A:  Yes!  We are pleased to offer international shipping to over 220 countries and territories around the world. Please see our Shipping Info page for international shipping rates, along with terms and conditions for international orders.  Please contact us if you have any questions! 

Q:  Will it take up added room in my shoe, or make me change my shoe size?   

A:  No.  The insert is self-adjusting in terms of volume, and will only take up as much space as is available in the shoe box.      

Q:  Will the insert interfere with my ability to feel the floor?   

A:  No.  The insert will be very thin (little or no moldable material) under your longest toe, so you will feel very grounded and connected to the floor.  Depending on what type of padding you are currently using, you may find that you actually feel the floor better than before.  You will feel confident, stable, and in control.     

Q:  Is there just one style for all foot/toe types?   

A:  Yes.  The beauty of the design is that it is infinitely customizable and will mold to any foot and shoe shape.  The volume will self-adjust to the available volume inside the shoe box, with the excess material escaping.  However, because the jars are resealable, you always have the option to use as much or as little of the moldable impression material as you wish, giving you control over both the volume applied, as well as the exact placement. 


Q:  Am a size S/M or L/XL?

A:  We make the kits in two sizes.  The kits are identical in every way (including the amount of moldable material included), except that the L/XL sock has a more generous cut.  We recommend the L/XL for dancers with street shoe size 9 and larger, and S/M for street shoe size 8 and below.  We would also recommend the L/XL if you have a very wide foot, or very long toes.  In terms of measurements, the L/XL size is slightly wider and about 3/8" longer than the S/M, which measures roughly 2 and 5/8" in the vamp.  If you are uncertain, or in between sizes, it's always easy to trim down the larger size, as both socks have unfinished edges to allow for trimming!  


Q:  What if I have a longer second toe?

A:  We would suggest modifying the instructions supplied in the Instruction Booklet slightly if you have a longer second toe, since the second toe is a little weaker than the big toe.  For about the first 3 minutes, instead of standing with your full weight on pointe, we suggest you gently place one foot at a time on pointe, but not put too much pressure on it.  Keep one foot flat, and then articulate the other foot through demi pointe and full pointe, pushing over your box, but not putting your full weight on the box.  Think about lengthening through your toes, especially your 2nd toe.  The minimal downward force exerted on the toes should allow the putty to stay in the space under your big toe and shorter toes.  Then as the material starts to firm up (you can check the escaped material near the drawstring), you can go up onto pointe on both feet before the material fully cures.  The reason why we would suggest some foot articulation in the first few minutes (as opposed to just sitting in a chair) is that we want to make sure there isn’t too much build-up of material across the vamp area that would prevent you from rolling through demi-pointe or pushing over your boxes in the finished inserts.

Q:  How do I clean them?    

A:  The moldable impression material does not absorb sweat, so this helps reduce odor problems.  If you would like to clean them, you can wash them off with soap and water.     

 Q:  Are they breathable?   

A:  The wickaway fabric covering is certainly breathable, but the moldable impression material, as with gel, is not.   

Q:  How and when do I mold the inserts if I am getting fitted for a new pair of pointe shoes?   

A:  Because the inserts are custom-molded to a specific shoe, you will want to wait until after you have selected and purchased a pair of shoes before molding the inserts.  This means that you should try on pointe shoes with a very thin gel pad (or no padding at all) until you find a shoe that provides the most glove-like fit for your foot shape.  Custom-molding the inserts will then refine and perfect the fit on the inside of the shoe.  We recommend sewing on your ribbons and elastic before molding the inserts so that you will be able to roll on and off pointe and articulate through demi-pointe during the curing process.  We also recommend wearing your new shoes for a class or two before molding the inserts so that you will be able to properly articulate and work through the shoe as you mold them.     

Q:  Can I use them in different shoes?   

A:  If you stay with the same size and style, yes.  Otherwise, we recommend molding a new pair.  The success of the design comes from the fact that the insert molds exactly to the shape/position of the foot and the inside of the shoe, and both of those factors would change if you switched to a new shoe size/style.  Therefore, you shouldn’t wear your old inserts when you are getting fitted for a new pair of shoes unless you are staying with the same or very similar brand/style/size; wait until you select a new shoe before molding the inserts (see the above question).  

Q:  Will the inserts help with my blister problems?  Will I still need to wear tape?   

A:  While the design is first and foremost about pressure reduction through more even weight distribution, the smooth surface of the molded inserts also often eliminates the need for tape and removes blister issues for many dancers.  Often the thin “walls” of moldable impression material that naturally form between adjacent toes during the molding process keep their toes separated and eliminate the need for tape.  Yay!

Q:  Can I wear them over my tights?   

A:  No.  Due to the very precise-fitting nature of the inserts, they must be molded and worn directly against the skin (underneath the tights).     

Q:  Why are they turquoise?   

A:  You don’t like turquoise?  Personally, we like being a little different from the crowd, but if there’s a different color you would like to see available, let us know…