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the Molding Process


The simple fitting process allows the inserts to be molded by the dancer herself using only her foot and the shoe. 

Molding Process Video

This video guides you through the simple process step by step, so you can mold them yourself at home. We recently updated our molding process video to have a timer built-in, so you can mold your inserts in real time. 

Before molding your PerfectFit Inserts, please read through the entire Molding Instructions Booklet carefully and watch this video from start to finish so you’re familiar with the process.

Then you can play this video again, and follow along as it guides you to mold your inserts in real-time.


The Kit

Here’s the kit—this is what you’ll start with.  It includes 2 lavender wickaway fabric covers, 2 sets of jars of moldable impression material, 2 purple stretch spacer sleeves, and 2 plastic bag covers, plus a handy white mesh bag to store your inserts in.  


Visual Overview

Our Molding Instructions Booklet (which ships with the kit) provides a more complete explanation of the simple molding process, but you can get a quick overview here.