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the Solution

What it is:  a unique solution to create a better fit inside the shoe.   

What it is not:  merely another way to pad the toes.


The PerfectFit Pointe Shoe Insert achieves a “perfect fit” by using a moldable impression material to adapt the foot to fit the inside of the shoe like a glove, filling the voids within the box of the shoe, so weight is optimally distributed across a greater percentage of the toes and forefoot when en pointe, and painful and damaging pressure points are reduced or removed.   

We specifically call it an “insert” over a “toe pad” because it is a completely different product.  The goal is not simply to pad the foot, but to actually create a better fit in the shoe, from which a multitude of benefits follows.   

We have spent several years searching for the ideal moldable material to accomplish this “perfect fit” and have worked with many dancers in the process to refine and evolve the design.   

The Design

  • Fabric cover.  Made from sport wickaway knit fabric, it functions to keeps the molded material positioned correctly on the foot.
  • Moldable Impression Material.  This turquoise-colored material is a 2-part silicone rubber putty that when mixed together, chemically cures into a cushiony soft and stretchable rubber that provides firm support for the foot en pointe, while also allowing enough resilience to absorb impact and flex with the foot and toes as they change position while dancing.
  • (Optional) Integrated Spacers.  Depending on your foot shape, routinely wearing spacers can help prevent the onset of bunions.  Having spacers integrated in the insert reduces the chance of losing small, separate pieces.

The Anatomy of PerfectFit: 3 areas

Let’s take a look at the cross section of a molded PerfectFit insert to see exactly what the moldable material is doing inside the shoe.


What makes the PerfectFit insert unlike anything you've tried?

1.  A highly individualized, custom fit.  

By conforming very precisely to the shape of the toes and forefoot, and filling the voids in the box of the shoe, the insert dramatically improves weight distribution, which has many benefits:

  • Day-to-day comfort.  The insert will relieve pressure on your longest toe, your bunion (and tailor’s bunion), other knuckles which press against the shoe, or any other pressure points.  And if your feet are happy, you’ll dance better.
  • Long-term health.  You should be mindful of how to protect the still soft and developing bones and joints in your feet, especially as a young dancer.  When the bones in your feet are subjected to greater forces, they respond by increasing bone tissue.  This is how you can develop a bunion, or why a bone spur can appear on a bone or joint which suffers constant friction and stress.  

    Perpetual cramping of the toes inside overly narrow or short shoes can also permanently change their shape, causing the toes to angle inwards, overlap each other, and in the case of a dancer with a longer second toe, produce a curled “hammertoe.”  

    The PerfectFit Pointe Shoe Insert helps protect your long-term foot heath in several ways:
    • It reduces forces at high pressure points and lowers the risk of bone tissue enlargement by providing much more even, equalized support.

    • By acting as the natural adaptive medium between the foot and shoe, the dancer is not forced to wear overly tight shoes in order to achieve a glove-like fit, which limits the chance of malformation of the toes’ shape.

    • The integration of spacers allows them to be worn at all times, preventing the onset of bunions.

  • Improved performance.  The precisely-fitting insert will help your technique and dancing in several ways:
    • greater stability/balance (all toes feel supported)
    • improved control (with a glove-like fit, when your foot moves, the shoe responds)
    • better ankle alignment (reduces chance of sickling because shorter toes are supported)
    • encouraging correct toe alignment and “lifting out of the shoe” (acting like a retainer to remind you to lengthen your toes)

2. A simple, straightforward fitting process.

Using only her foot and the shoe, any dancer can easily mold a pair of customized inserts herself via a quick and user-friendly process.

  • It is a practically “foolproof” fitting procedure; the moldable impression material is self-adjusting in terms of flowing to the voids within that particular shoe, reducing the dancer’s pressure points no matter their location. 
  • It is also self-adjusting in terms of volume, as excess material simply escapes from the throat of the shoe during molding and is easily trimmed after curing.  

3.  (Optional) integrated spacers.  

Are you forever losing your spacers in your dance bag?  Or find them too much of a hassle to remember to put in?  By having your spacer permanently integrated into the insert, you can be assured that they are always in place and ready to go, saving you time and giving you peace of mind (while working to prevent the onset of bunions).