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the Solution

PerfectFit is:  a unique solution to create a better fit inside the shoe.   

It is not:  simply another way to pad the toes.


The PerfectFit Pointe Shoe Inserts use a moldable impression material to adapt your foot to fit the inside of your shoe like a glove.  By filling the voids within the box of the shoe, the inserts perfectly distribute your weight across your toes and forefoot when en pointe, which reduces or removes painful and damaging pressure points.   



The Design

We specifically call it an “insert” because it is a completely different concept than a toe pad. Here are the 3 key elements of the simple and elegant design.


fabric cover  

Made from sport wickaway knit fabric, it functions to keep the molded material positioned correctly on your foot.

moldable impression material

This turquoise-colored material is a 2-part silicone rubber putty that when mixed together, chemically cures into a cushiony soft and stretchable rubber.  It provides firm support for your foot en pointe, while also allowing enough resilience to absorb impact and flex with your foot and toes as they change position while dancing.

integrated spacers

(Optional). Depending on your foot shape, routinely wearing spacers can help prevent the onset of bunions. Having spacers integrated in the insert reduces the chance of losing small, separate pieces.



The Anatomy of PerfectFit

Let’s take a look at the cross section of a molded PerfectFit insert to see exactly what the moldable material is doing inside the shoe.


The Top 10 Reasons

that PerfectFit is unlike anything you've tried:

1.  A highly individualized, custom fit.  

The inserts conform very precisely to the unique shape of your toes in a way that your lambswool or gel toe pad never could.  They actually make your foot fit your shoe.  


2.  Day-to-day comfort.  

The inserts drastically relieve pressure on your longest toe, your bunion, or any other pressure points without adding any bulk where you don't want it.  Say goodbye to bruised toenails and blisters.  And if your feet are happy, you’ll not only dance better, you'll keep your shoes on longer.


3.  Improved control.  

With such a glove-like fit, when your foot moves, the shoe responds.  No slipping or sliding.  The part of the molded insert underneath your toes even provides extra grip to point your foot.


4.  Greater stability and balance.

Almost all dancers report feeling more stable and confident in their turns and balances as a result of all their toes feeling evenly supported in their shoe.  You can also still feel the floor (minus the pressure).


5.  Better alignment.

When molded correctly and with good technique, the inserts encourage better ankle alignment and lengthening of the toes.  Many dancers feel much more lifted in their shoes.   


6.  Protection of long-term health.  

You only get one set of feet, and one dance career.  When the bones in your feet are subjected to greater forces, they respond by increasing bone tissue or permanently changing their shape. The PerfectFit inserts help protect your long-term foot health by reducing forces at high pressure points and providing much more even, equalized support, which lowers the risk of bone tissue enlargement or deformation.


7. A simple, straightforward fitting process.

Using only her foot and her shoe, any dancer can easily mold a pair of customized inserts herself via a quick and user-friendly process. The PerfectFit inserts are like an amazing DIY orthotic kit at a fraction of the cost of traditional orthotics made by a doctor.


8.  Saving time with one-step prep.  

Dancers often discover they can replace many taping, wrapping, and padding steps with one simple slip-on-and-go insert that can have them ready for class in seconds. Having the option of permanently integrating your spacer into the insert also saves you time while working to prevent the onset of bunions.  


9.  Longer shoe life.

It sounds too good to be true, but the PerfectFit inserts extend the life of traditional paste shoes by as much as 2x.  By more evenly transmitting weight across the entire shoe box, they keep the integrity of the shoe intact longer.


10.  Happier dancing.

It goes without saying that if you feel more comfortable, confident, and in control, you'll be able to put your focus back on your technique and artistry during hard classes or long rehearsal days.  Isn't it a joy to simply focus on dancing?