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Alexa Torres

“What you wish for, you can achieve”

Alexa Torres is currently a Company Member at The Washington Ballet. She was born and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic and moved to Washington, DC at only 14 years old to pursue a near impossible career for a Dominican. With only one year in the company, Alexa has performed numerous roles like Clara in The Nutcracker, Fairy of Joy and Silver in The Sleeping Beauty, as well as others. In her “off” time, Alexa loves going to art museums, outdoor yoga, and a good pilates class.

Alexa actually got into PerfectFit not too long ago. She had been struggling with blisters for a while after having switched pointe shoe brands; and had been spending “A LOT” on tape, bandaids, etc… Her friend @katherine_barkman actually suggested she try them out as she had been into them too. That’s when Alexa ordered her PerfectFits and became instantly obsessed with them. She not only found herself blister free, but also metatarsal and bunion pain free. From then on, she’s “converted” many of her colleagues to PerfectFit as well!

Alexa’s all-time motto (quite literally; since she was an 8 year old being interviewed on Dominican TV) is “Querer es Poder”. This means “What you wish for, you can achieve”. It has always been her phrase as it quite resembles her life. She’s always had the dream of becoming a professional ballerina no matter how many obstacles it may take. She says that if “you truly want something there is nothing stopping you; and once you fully believe that you can do anything…"


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