Hear what respected physicians and therapists have to say about PerfectFit.

Marika Molnar

PT, Director of Physical Therapy Services to the New York City Ballet, President and Founder of Westside Dance Physical Therapy

"I am so grateful for the PerfectFit Pointe Shoe Inserts! They are, by far, the best way to distribute pressure across the toes and metatarsals while on pointe, especially for the dancer who has a longer second toe. Being able to feel the force distribution more evenly on the tips of the first and second toes enables the dancer to weight bear on pointe in good alignment and reduces the risk of stress reactions and ankle sprains."

Henry Lu

PT, PRC, ATC, Founder and Owner of Velocity Physiotherapy, consulting staff for Pacific Northwest Ballet School and Professional Division Students

“PerfectFit Pointe has been a great tool for me to recommend to dancers to allow them to reduce the strain of their feet and their foot intrinsic muscles. By doing so, they are not as locked up in their midfoot joints, and it allows them to strengthen and stabilize the larger muscle groups in their leg. I've been able to see dancers maintain better dance positions and reduce strain into their hip and knee joints. It's definitely not something for just the foot, it's something that can help dancers improve their overall form. I also love how I can customize it to the needs of their foot and progressively make changes with each successive molding.”

Robert Kopitzke

PT, Master Pilates Instructor, Neuromuscular Reprogrammer, President of Body Concepts, Inc.

"As a Physical Therapist specializing in working with dancers for the past 16 years, I was very excited when I saw what Kelly was creating. I’ve seen the kind of damage poorly fit pointe shoes can wreak and all the gizmos that dancers try to stuff into their shoes while attempting to correct the problems. The PerfectFit inserts can help prevent this damage and prevent injuries. In addition, I understand the potential of what the PerfectFit inserts can do to improve the control all dancers seek while on pointe. By distributing the pressure across all the toes, dancers receive more proprioceptive feedback regarding their foot position and are able to control that position more effectively. Two thumbs up!"

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