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Addison Ector

“Never tell yourself no or doubt yourself before the person at the front of the room has seen you dance.”

Addison received his training from The Debbie Allen Dance Academy & The Alvin Ailey School. His professional career began with joining Complexions Contemporary Ballet for 5 years, then moving abroad to Innsbruck, Austria to join TanzCompany Innsbruck. “I would describe my goals and aspirations within ballet as boundary-breaking. As a contemporary ballet dancer, there is a certain level of freedom in movement and creativity that I am able to explore. And being a male who does pointe adds a uniqueness to my life that is very exciting.” Fun fact: You can often find Addison eating french fries and playing his Playstation!

Addison has been wearing PerfectFit since 2018 when he joined TanzCompany Innsbruck. Since he rarely does pointe, he loved the process of creating his custom-molded inserts, and even after 2 years still wears his first set.

When we asked Addison to describe his dance journey in the form of a metaphor, he said that “it’s been like waves because there are so many ups and downs, highs and lows.” One message he would share with aspiring dancers is to never limit yourself. “We miss out on so many opportunities because we make the judgments ourselves before going to that audition or applying for a job.”


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