Alexia Rodelgo

“You will get as far as your goals are set.”

Alexia is currently studying ballet at Rosie Schotland ballet clasico in Lima, Perú. She started at the age of 4 years old, and it was love at first sight. As our youngest ambassador, she describes herself as an old soul with the love and passion that ballet requires. She is training hard for upcoming online ballet competitions until everything goes back to normal, while also keeping up with homeschooling. You can always find her dancing in any corner of the house!

Alexia had a lot of problems trying to find the right pointe shoes and toe pads for her, and being on pointe was painful. But since her first encounter with PerfectFit in January 2019, she hasn’t looked back. PerfectFit was a game changer for her. She used to not be able to be on pointe for long hours or even stand properly, but now she never gets any pain or even a blister.

When we asked Alexia to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it’s been like a rollercoaster because of all the changes and all the ups and downs. It took me a few ballet schools to finally find the right one for me, but I wouldn’t change anything because it has built the type of dancer that I am now and made me unafraid of changes or trying new things.” Alexia is very grateful for the support of her family, and says “my mom always tells me that I will get as far as my goals are set.”