Alexandra Owens

“Everyone takes a different path to reach their goals; there is no right way to make it in the dance world.”

Alex began her dance training at the age of 3 in Wichita, Kansas. Alex has attended summer intensives at Kansas City Ballet, Oklahoma City Ballet, Ballet Austin, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Next Generation Ballet. In the fall of 2019, Alex decided to move to Tampa, Florida to join Next Generation Ballet’s trainee program. She is very excited to continue training with them this year. She hopes to dance professionally and choreograph one day. She also loves photography and learning, and hopes to get a degree in Advertising in college (so cool!)

Alex first started wearing PerfectFit after attending a seminar at Pacific Northwest Ballet’s summer course in 2018. “My PerfectFits have greatly impacted my dancing. They took away the distraction of toe pain and granted me more control in my shoes.”

When we asked Alex to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it has been like a lake. There have been ripples caused by boats, as well as moments of stillness. A lake is beautiful and so is my dance journey.” One message she believes that aspiring dancers should know is that “as long as you do your best each and every day, your work will be recognized and you will achieve great things.”