Anna Greenberg

“Training is a never-ending process, and every dancer will always be a student.”

Anna began dancing at the age of 4 and trained in a few of New York City’s famed ballet schools (SAB, the Joffrey Ballet School, ABT’s JKO school) prior to starting her professional career in Munich, Germany with the Bayerisches Staatsballett Junior Company. Anna has big dreams. “There are so many companies, directors, and choreographers around the world I would be fortunate to work with. My main goals are to work with as many of those people as possible and have as many opportunities as I can." Aside from her love for dance, she enjoys seeing the world and baking!

Anna came across an ad for PerfectFit only shortly after it was born and was instantly hooked. “Perfectfit has made comfort one less thing for me to worry about when I have to be in pointe shoes for 5+ hours per day. Long rehearsal days used to be scary for that very reason - my feet always hurting. Whether I'm standing around or constantly dancing, I never have discomfort in my feet anymore. This has also boosted my confidence."

When we asked Anna to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it’s been like a box of chocolates because you don’t always get what you want, but you’re still doing what you love.” Anna’s words of advice for aspiring dancers is to remember that “even after things start to click in the brain and body, the work doesn't stop there. Remember that even the older, world-class ballerinas that you look up to so much, still start their days the same way - at the barre in first position."