Danielle Esposito

“As dancers, we spend countless hours in the studio preparing for precious moments on the stage.”

Danielle grew up dancing in her hometown of San Diego, California. Her passion for ballet brought her to New York City to train at The School of American Ballet when she turned fifteen. After three years of training at SAB, Danielle joined Houston Ballet. She’s also an enthusiastic Harry Potter fan, loves to tap, and you might even catch her flying on a trapeze rig!

Danielle first tried PerfectFit after finding no solution to toe pain and bruised toenails. She felt wearing a traditional toe pad was too much in her shoe and disconnected her from the floor. “When I first started training longer en pointe my toes would blister after 3 hours. That is quite problematic if you have rehearsals all day! Once I tried PerfectFit the blisters were gone, and I could dance for hours without pain!" She likes how you can create a thin toe pad that perfectly matches your right and left foot.

When we asked Danielle to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it’s been like a cherry blossom tree growing and changing to reach full bloom. When a cherry blossom tree reaches full bloom people gather to enjoy their beauty, just as an audience gathers to watch dancers on stage.”