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Daryn Diaz

“She believed she could, so she did.”

Daryn Diaz is currently a student with NYU Stern working towards her bachelors in Marketing Analytics and freelancing in New York City. She began training seriously at the Patel Conservatory at an early age and earned her way into the pre-professional ballet company - @nextgenerationballet. After auditioning for @ballethispanico Ballet Hispanico’s second company, BHdos, in the Summer of 2019, she moved at age 17 to train in New York City. She also enjoyed summer programs with Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Victor Ullate in Madrid, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet Hispanico’s ChoreoLab, and GagaLab NYC. Her main passion is traveling and experiencing different cultures and family means the most to her.

Daryn has been representing her PerfectFit toe pads since Summer of 2017 and has NEVER looked back. Not only has PerfectFit helped her with articulation, stability, and longer lasting pointe shoes, but with blisters, corns, and warts as well. “My toes used to go numb after an hour and I was always told that this was normal and that I would get used to the feeling, but that was completely false...until I found PerfectFit. After my first use, I never looked back.”

“She believed she could, so she did.” This quote hangs above Daryn’s mirror in her hometown bedroom and is a constant reminder to believe in yourself because you are the only one that can put in the work to make your dreams a reality. A piece of advice she would give is, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Speak up if you think you deserve something and never compare your journey to others around you because we all grow at our own pace.


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