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Gillian Yoder

"Always dance for yourself"

Gillian Yoder began her dance journey as a competitive ballroom dancer, but after 3 years decided ballet was her passion. She began her ballet training at Paris Ballet School, then later moved onto 5 years at Next Generation Ballet and 1 year at Colburn Dance Academy. Gillian is now beginning her first season as part of Kansas City Ballet’s 2nd company.

Gillian began wearing PerfectFit in September of 2019. Her PerfectFit toe pads have helped her make it through long rehearsal days because they are perfectly tailored to her feet and needs. After switching from more traditional toe pads, she immediately noticed a difference in the fit of her shoes and comfort while dancing. PerfectFit helped Gillian make something so beautiful no longer hurt.

A piece of advice from Gillian is to always dance for yourself. In a world where ballet is so subjective, it is clear that you cannot always please everyone. You have to remember that you dance because you have fallen in love with it and because it completes you. You can combat the hard times by reminding yourself that dancing is in your life for your own fulfillment and happiness.


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