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Miyesha McGriff

“Be your most authentic self.”

Miyesha McGriff is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and began dancing at the age of 5. She trained at the Kansas City Ballet School as well as The Ailey School during her summers as a teen and young adult. She graduated from University of Missouri- Kansas City Conservatory with a BFA in Dance in 2011. She is now currently a company artist with Collage Dance Collective @CollageDance in Memphis, TN and she is in her 5th season with the company!

Miyesha has been wearing PerfectFit since the spring of 2021. She was recommended to try them by Erica Lall and she's so glad she took her advice! It didn’t take long for her to see the change in her technique! She was no longer slipping in her shoes, her legs were straighter, and so far, no blisters or bruised toe nails!

Miyesha’s motto to other dancers would be, “be your most authentic self.” This is what makes us each so different. We can’t compare ourselves to other dancers but only to who we were the day before. If you continue to compare yourself, you've already missed the beauty in what makes you, YOU.


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