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PerfectFit Pointe - Olivia Bell Headshot

Olivia Bell

"Never give up on what you want."

Olivia Bell is currently training at the School of American Ballet. She started as a competitive dancer at the age of 2 and at the age of 11, she started training seriously in ballet. Olivia loves to read, bake, and travel.

Olivia was first introduced to PerfectFit in 2019 at the Pacific Northwest Ballet summer intensive. She then started wearing PefectFit toe pads in 2021. Olivia was having trouble with her shoes being too big and not fitting on her foot so she tried PerfectFit toe pads, and they were the perfect solution to her shoe problems!

One piece of advice Olivia would have for all dancers is to never give up on what you want. Throughout her journey there have been people who said ballet wasn’t right for her, but instead of listening to them, she did ballet and worked hard to fulfill her dreams and prove everyone wrong in the process.


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