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Svetlana Savelieva

"Love what you do – and do everything with love."

Svetlana started ballet when she was 7 years old, and she couldn’t ever imagine that she'd become a professional ballerina! After starting at the Vaganova Ballet Academy at the age 12, she lived and studied there for 7 years until her graduation in 2019, at which time she joined the Mariinsky Ballet Company in Saint Petersburg. As a dancer with the Mariinsky, she’s a true lover of this theatre!

The first time Svetlana saw PerfectFit inserts was a year ago after asking her friend if she wanted to order them together. After trying them for the first time, Svetlana fell in love and told everyone (her followers and colleagues) about these super-comfortable inserts. Her recommendations also helped some of her friends to deal with their corns – and helped her with the same problem that she had been having for 2 years.

As a mom of her friend said, “It doesn’t matter what you breathe in – breathe out love.” Svetlana says that the most important thing that everyone should remember is to love what they do – and do everything with love.


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