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PerfectFit Pointe - Sophie Hod Headshot

Sophie Hod

"Dream big, and work as hard as you can to make those dreams come true. "

Sophie Hod is currently a dancer with Kansas City Ballet II. She began dancing at age 6 and is an alum of The School of American Ballet, Ballet Academy East, Miami City Ballet School, and Cincinnati Ballet. In addition to her dancing career, she is also very passionate about choreographing, cooking, and loves to do yoga.

Sophie has been wearing PerfectFit since early 2020. PerfectFit has been a game changer for her, not only alleviating the pain in her toes, but also improving the way she is able to articulate her feet while dancing. “I didn’t know it was possible to feel this comfortable in pointe shoes. I can never go back to wearing anything else!”

One of Sophie’s favorite quotes by Walt Disney is, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This motto is something she has held onto her entire dance journey, and despite many setbacks and challenges, she has never let go of her dream. Her advice to other aspiring dancers is to dream big, and work as hard as you can to make those dreams come true.


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