Ella Greene-Hoke

“The beautiful thing about our stories is that we can always write a new chapter.”

Ella began dancing at three. After taking classes at a few local studios, she developed a love for ballet. Some highlights from her early years include learning from Pat Sorrell, Shomaree Potter, and Leslie Hench. These wonderful teachers inspired Ella to keep working and follow her dreams. It was at eleven that she moved to Virginia Beach Ballet Academy where she began to study and still trains under the direction of Ana Maria Martinez. When Ella is not dancing, she can be found piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, curled up with a book, or working on her own young adult novel.

PerfectFit has supported Ella through countless hours of ballet classes, rehearsals, performances, photo shoots, and over thirty pairs of pointe shoes. She ordered her first pair of PerfectFit inserts when she was ten and never looked back. What Ella loves most about her inserts is that they “fill in the gaps where she lacks.” They are more than just custom, they really are a perfect fit.

When we asked Ella to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it’s been like a fairytale because I met my fairy godmother.” She shared that the best advice she’s ever been given was from her teacher Ms. Ana, who told her, “Never be afraid to shine. Never try to blend in. Always dance from your heart and your passion will make you glow.” Ella says, “I think this is good advice for ballet and life in general.”