Fiona Cameron-Martin

“Working hard is important, but listening to your body and understanding how it works will help you improve faster.”

Fiona trained with the Australian Ballet School and spent her last 2 years of school training with Maxim and Yulia Vasilyev from the Kremlin Ballet Theater. She then went on to dance with the Romanian National Ballet which is where she met her husband! She now teaches at Southold Dance Theater in South Bend, Indiana, and has 3 beautiful cats.

Fiona started wearing PerfectFit in 2017 and couldn’t believe the difference they made. She always used to struggle with hops on pointe but since she no longer suffers from bruised toenails, she can hop with ease. “I feel what goes inside a pointe shoe hasn’t really changed for too long, and why do dancers need to dance in pain? When there is another alternative that not only helps alleviate the pain but can help with injury prevention, I think every dancer should know that there are other options out there.”

When we asked Fiona to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it’s been like a series of connected rivers and streams. Each has their own journey and their own importance but ultimately they all connect to one big body of water, which is everything I have been through and learned from in my life. Every experience in my life, good or bad, has taught me something different and has all contributed to my growth as an artist, teacher and person.”