Jasmine Jade Klenotich

“One of the many things I've learned from my sister is that you are meant to be the way you are exactly.”

Jasmine’s older sister who has Cerebral Palsy inspired her to dance. Ever since then, she knew that she wanted to become a professional dancer in the future. Jasmine currently trains privately with Mrs. Chiaki Yasukawa, and will be joining Washington Ballet’s professional training program in the fall as well. She loves to spend quality time with her friends and family, volunteer in her community, and when she has time, to bake!

In the summer of 2019, Jasmine had the wonderful opportunity to be fitted by Kelly in NYC for her first pair of PerfectFit inserts. “Dancing en pointe has been totally different since I started wearing PerfectFit because it's the "perfect" amount of support and comfort at the same time. I feel more stable and well connected to the floor, and I also feel that I'm able to dance en pointe for a longer period of time."

When we asked Jasmine Jade to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it’s been like the waves in an ocean because some parts are easy, breezy and enjoyable while others are so powerful and intense they can knock me over, but I always get back up.” One of her pieces of advice to other dancers is to “never doubt yourself and always be persistent. Never compare yourself to others and strive to be better than you were in your previous class."