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Keara Nichols

“You never know where dance will lead you and what opportunities it will bring you to.”

Keara started off as a competition dancer at the age of 5. When she turned 13 she fell in love with ballet and decided to dedicate all of her training to her ballet technique. She moved to Academy of Ballet Arts to get the best ballet training she could. Since then, she has accomplished one of her biggest goals of attending the Prix de Lausanne in 2020. Outside of ballet, she loves journaling and reading.

Keara has been wearing PerfectFit since 2018, and says that they’ve made her more confident as a ballerina. “PerfectFit has helped me grow as a dancer so much. I struggled with foot problems for a very long time... I would get bunions, corns, bruised toenails, and all sorts of other problems from pointe shoes. When I started wearing PerfectFit, all of my feet problems went away! It was a miracle. These toe pads were magic, and dancing on pointe was pain-free!"

When we asked Keara to describe her dance journey in the form of a metaphor, she said that “it’s been like a rainbow. It is magical and so unexpected. You never know where dance will lead you and what opportunities it will bring you to.” Her advice for other aspiring dancers is to be yourself. “So many dancers (including myself) struggle with comparing themselves to other dancers and feeling like they aren't good enough. I feel that every dancer needs to just be themself and be proud of how far they have come as an artist."